Instructions for authors

Instructions for authors

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The types of manuscript accepted by the quarterly journal entitled Polish Journal of Rehabilitation Research are: Original Articles, Systematic Reviews, Reviews, Case Studies, and Letters to the Editor. Experimental works carried out on humans must comply with the Helsinki Convention, which means that Authors have obtained approval of a study from the appropriate ethical committee.


  • Original article should consist of 18000-27000 characters.
  • Systematic Review should consist of 21600-36000 characters. In reasonable cases a higher volume of work is allowed after consultation with the Editor's Secretary.
  • Review should consist of 21600-36000 characters.
  • Case study should consist of 10800-14400 characters.
  • Letter to the Editor should consist of up to 9000 characters.



  • Manuscripts must be typed in English. All manuscript pages must be numbered. Recommended: Word for Windows, the Times New Roman font, font size 12 points and line spacing 1.5. The left margin should be 4 cm, right 1.5 cm, top and bottom 2.0 cm. The lines should be numbered on each page on the left side from the beginning.
  • Title and subtitles should be separated by double spacing (should be also written in a basic text format, without highlights and underlines).


  • Title.
  • Names of the Authors (with their academic titles). Authors’ contribution into manuscript preparation: A – conception and research design; B – data collection, research supervision; C – statistical analysis; D – interpretation of data; E – manuscript edition; F – literature review
  • Centre (centres) from which the work comes: full name of a hospital/university, clinic/institute, division/department or a faculty, institution, city.
  • Abstract in English (up to 250 words).
  • Keywords in English, according to MeSH (4-5 keywords).
  • Manuscripts should be organized as follows:
    Original Article
    : introduction, aim of the article, materials, methods (including Statement of Ethics were applicable), results, discussion and conclusions;
    Systematic Reviews
    : introduction, aim of the article, analysis of the literature, conclusions/summary;
    : introduction, body of the subject matter (the problem), conclusions/summary;
    Case Study
    : introduction, case description, discussion, conclusions/summary.
  • Acknowledgements for individuals or institutions that contributed to the work, including financial resources thanks to which the work has been written. The final text of acknowledgements shall be approved by the Editors.
  • References should be listed in order of appearance (Vancouver style). In the text, number references in order of appearance using Arabic numerals in square brackets for citations. The reference list should contain the references in the order in which they are cited in the text. Detailed information are provided on the wesite
  • Tables, figures and graphs should be numbered and placed in separate files.


In order to reuse figures (diagrams, tables, etc.) which come from other works, sources of the figures shall be indicated and written permissions from the copyright holder (an author and/or a publisher) obtained. If faces are presented on photographs, consents must be obtained from the presented people (or their legal guardians) for publication without covering part of the face to prevent identification. Figures and photographs should be submitted in electronic form, each in a separate file, in one of the following formats: tif, jpg with a resolution of 300 dpi.

Please do not supply original figures in the form of cut-out or scanned figures from other printed publications or from the Internet, as their quality is not suitable for further publication.


Manuscripts shall be submitted in electronic form to the email address of the Editor's Secretary: Additionally should be attache statement including:

  • a statement of the Lead Author that the work is the original work and has not been published previously in print or electronic format and is not under consideration by another publication or electronic medium, and a request, on behalf of the Authors, for the inclusion of the work in the Polish Journal of Rehabilitation Research;
  • a statement of copyright transfer to the Polish Journal of Rehabilitation Research;
  • a statement that the work has not been sponsored or funded, or that it has been in whole or in part sponsored by a specified entity (to what extent), and that the Authors have no financial participation in a company offering a product described in the content, or in other company competing with that company.
  • a statement that the work has been prepared according to standards for the scientific integrity in Polish Journal of Rehabilitation Research.