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2013 volume 3(1) pp. 36–42
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Platelet aggregation in ischemic stroke patients undergoing kinesitherapy


Authors: Krystyna Malinga, Krystyna Malinga, Krystyna Malinga

The aim: The aim of the study was to determine whether rehabilitation of ischemic stroke patients inhibits platelet aggregation, and whether this phenomenon is repeatable and reversible.

Material and methods: Platelet aggregation was assessed in 61 patients after ischemic stroke and 25 patients with osteoarthrosis (the control group). Platelet aggregation in whole blood samples was assessed directly after admission to hospital, after three weeks of rehabilitation and after three months from discharge. The response of platelets to four aggregation-stimulating factors was assessed. Blood samples were taken using sodium citrate. The number of platelets in a sample was expressed as percentage of platelets treated with 0.9% NaCl. The lower the number of platelets, the higher the aggregation of platelets  found.

Results: After the completion of rehabilitation, the sensitivity of the platelets to aggregation stumulating factor was seen to decrease: it was necessary to use greater amounts of AA or ADP to induce 50 percent aggregation. Three months after the end of rehabilitation, the sensitivity increased further (platelet sensitivity approached that observed before admission). Among patients with osteoarthritis (the control group), no change of EC50 value was seen for any tested aggregation stimulant after 3 weeks of rehabilitation.

Conclusions: Significant inhibition of platelet aggregation was found directly after the course of rehabilitation in stroke patients and not in patients with osteoarthrosis who underwent rehabilitation in a hospital in the same conditions. However, no inhibition of platelet aggregation was observed later then three months after the end of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation reduces the risk of next incidence of stroke due to inhibition of platelet aggregation.

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.ischemic stroke, kinesitherapy, platelets, platelet aggregation, secondary prophylaxis of stroke

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