2014 volume 7(1) pp.11-14
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The importance of rehabilitation for women after mastectomy


Authors: Marzena A. Humańska, Małgorzata Gejda, Agata Kosobucka, Mirosława Felsmann, Beata Haor, Danuta Ponczek, Mariola Głowacka, Agnieszka Pluta


Introduction: Neoplastic diseases represent the main problem of the modern world. The second most common cause of death among cancers is breast cancer. In addition to prophylaxis and treatment, early, continuous and systematic rehabilitation plays an important role in the oncological treatment.

The aim of this study is to assess the importance of the rehabilitation of women after mastectomy.

Material and methods: The study included 52 women who were patients of the Centre of Oncology Bydgoszcz, after mastectomy. A diagnostic survey of own design containing 37 questions was used.  

Results: The study group comprised 52 women after mastectomy age 46 to 79 years of whom (63.5%) were aged 5675 years. Twenty-five patients (48.1%) were living on pensions 10 (19.2%) were collecting a disability pension and 10 were active. Most of the women of the study group benefited from the exercises (77.4% showed improvement) Rehabilitation treatment resulted in a decrease of pain on the side of the operated limb in 34.6% of the patients. More than half of the group did not elect for treatment and aesthetic prosthetic breast reconstruction


1. Active and comprehensive physical rehabilitation facilitated an easier return to performing activities associated with daily life and vocation.

2. Rehabilitation applied to respondents resulted in a decrease of pain on the side of the operated limb.

3. Most respondents better accepted themselves in  their new situation - as a woman after mastectomy.

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.oncology, mastectomy, rehabilitation, breast cancer

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