2014 volume 7(1) pp.18-20
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The concept of alternative chair massage and an evaluation of its understanding among physiotherapists


Authors: Anna Cabak, Przemysław Kotynia


Introduction: One alternative method for the prevention of musculoskeletal pain caused by overloading could be the concept of a massage on a special chair (chair massage), which is relatively little known and promoted in Poland. It can be performed in many sites outside of the specialist massage centre such as the workplace or place of study. However, few studies exist regarding its effectiveness. The aim of this study was to assess the knowledge and opinions about this method among physiotherapists. Materials and methods: The study was conducted on a group of 213 physiotherapists, of which, 180 were Master’s degree students at Warsaw Universities and 33 were qualified physical therapists working in the profession. A questionnaire prepared by the author was applied to 135 women and 79 men. Based on the correct answers given, three levels of knowledge were designated: low, moderate and high. The study was anonymous and all participants gave their consent. Results: The vast majority of respondents (90%) had not heard about the chair massage method or knew just a little about it, but 70% declared a desire to familiarise with it. The main source of knowledge about this method was the Internet and friends. In  total, 32% of respondents showed little knowledge of the technique and approximately 50% showed a moderate degree of knowledge. There were no significant differences between the genders. Second-year Master’s students demonstrated better knowledge of this method than first years (p < 0.05). Conclusions: An alternative form of massage - the chair massage - was not well-known amongst physiotherapists. At the same time the vast majority of respondents expressed a willingness to learn more about it.

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.back pain, massage, alternative therapy, knowledge assessment, physiotherapists

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